About me

I am Antonio, Data Scientist with more than 10 years of experience in various fields, from web analytics, to sports data analysis, social media analysis, and algorithm research.

I have been betting on soccer matches since 2015. Since the beginning I bet following a statistical model I developed myself, using publicly available historical match data and fine-tuned Machine Learning algorithms that predict the expected outcome of a match.

I see betting as a risky investment strategy and I have been approaching it as such. I manage my bankroll, and never bet more than I am prepared to lose. After all, betting is just a part (the risky part) of my overall investment strategy.

I am a big supporter and proponent of rational betting, bankroll management and data-informed decision-making, and I have written 2 books on how to build a soccer betting model, from data collection and cleaning, to fine-tuning, and setting up an automated betting strategy.